Bottom Half

Full Legs


+Brazillian $70

+Bikini $60 

Half Legs


+Brazillian $55

+Bikini $35

Between the Cheeks


Bikini  "Neat & Tidy" 

(Tidy up areas not covered by undies)


Bikini Extended "Barely There"

(Almost everything goes does not include labia, or between the cheeks)


*NEW* Thong-tini

(Almost everything goes does not include labia,  but includes between the cheeks)


Brazillian  Back & Top

(Everything goes from front to back, unless you ask.)


Wax Packages are available for Brazilians and Eyebrows.  Please ask for more information.

Eyebrow Tinting

-vegetable base dye applied to eyebrows to darken the hair. Brown or Black


Eyelash Tinting

-vegetable base dye applied to eyelashes to darken the hair. Brow, Black or Blue Black.


Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting


Please Come Make Up Free and No contacts In!!

Upper Body


(includes shaping)


Upper Lip






Full Face

(Upper Lip, Temples and Chin)


Half Arms


Full Arms  




*NEW* Lower Stomach