Polish Change 

-shaping and application of regular nail polish 

Hands $10

Feet $15

Nail Art

$5 for 2 nails

$10 for all nails (including chrome etc)

Nail Repair 

$6+ per nail

Please note I am no longer taking NEW PEDICURE CLIENTS.  If you are an existing client, you are not able to book online anymore. Please send me an email to vanessa@nailbeautylounge.ca to schedule your appointment. (pedicures only)  It is coming into pedicure season and I need to schedule them accordantly.  Thank you!! ​

Shellac/EVO Add Ons

Shellac/EVO Manicure 

-extreme shine, chip free, purse-proof, and longevity up to 14 days. cured with UV/LED technology. 2-min/30sec cure time per layer of applied product 


Shellac/EVO Pedicure

-extreme shine, chip free, purse-proof, greater strength and longevity up to 21 days. cured with UV/LED technology. 2-Min/30 second cure time per layer of applied product 


French +$5

Nail Enhancements

Kiara Sky Dipping Nails
-Get stronger, lightweight powder that is formulated without harsh chemicals and with added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails.



Full Colour Natural Nails



Same colour Fill






Regular Manicures & Pedicures

Lounge Manicure

-detailed shaping & cuticle care,  hydrating massage followed by polish application 


Express Manicure

-detailed shaping & cuticle care, followed by a polish application


Lounge Pedicure

-soak, detailed shaping & cuticle care, filing for callus removal, moisture intensive scrub and hydrating massage followed by polish application


Express Pedicure

-soak, detailed shaping & cuticle care, moisture intensive scrub and hydrating lotion followed by polish application


Nail Enhancements

LED EVO Enhancements 

-full set of sculptured gel nails that are cured using LED technology (30 sec cure time per layer of applied product). Add greater length and strength with a natural looking finish. includes dry manicure. 

(90 mins)

Fill of LED Enhancement


Add On Colour to EVO Sculpted Nails


Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

-application by brush of a hard gel applied to natural nails to obtain strength and correct the shape of the nail with Colour. + French $5


Bio Sculpture Clear Overylay

-application by brush of a clear hard gel to base and topcoat.  No colour or french.


Bio Sculpture Soak Off


UV Brisa Gel Overly + Shellac  

-application of brush on correction gel applied on top of natural nails to obtain greater strength and flexibility. Ideal for very brittle nails. Does not provide greater length, or extensions.