Nail Enhancements

LED EVO Enhancements 

-full set of sculptured gel nails that are cured using LED technology (30 sec cure time per layer of applied product). Add greater length and strength with a natural looking finish. includes dry manicure. 

(90 mins)

Fill of LED Enhancement


Add On Colour to EVO Sculpted Nails


Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

-application by brush of a hard gel applied to natural nails to obtain strength and correct the shape of the nail with Colour. + French $5


Bio Sculpture Clear Overylay

-application by brush of a clear hard gel to base and topcoat.  No colour or french.


Bio Sculpture Soak Off


UV Brisa Gel Overly + Shellac  

-application of brush on correction gel applied on top of natural nails to obtain greater strength and flexibility. Ideal for very brittle nails. Does not provide greater length, or extensions.





Polish Change 

-shaping and application of regular nail polish 

Hands $10

Feet $15

Nail Art

$5 for 2 nails

$10 for all nails (including chrome etc)

Nail Repair 

$6+ per nail

Regular Manicures & Pedicures

Lounge Manicure

-detailed shaping & cuticle care,  hydrating massage followed by polish application 


Express Manicure

-detailed shaping & cuticle care, followed by a polish application


Lounge Pedicure

-soak, detailed shaping & cuticle care, filing for callus removal, moisture intensive scrub and hydrating massage followed by polish application


Express Pedicure

-soak, detailed shaping & cuticle care, moisture intensive scrub and hydrating lotion followed by polish application


Shellac/EVO Add Ons

Shellac/EVO Manicure 

-extreme shine, chip free, purse-proof, and longevity up to 14 days. cured with UV/LED technology. 2-min/30sec cure time per layer of applied product 


Shellac/EVO Pedicure

-extreme shine, chip free, purse-proof, greater strength and longevity up to 21 days. cured with UV/LED technology. 2-Min/30 second cure time per layer of applied product 


French +$5

Nail Enhancements

Kiara Sky Dipping Nails
-Get stronger, lightweight powder that is formulated without harsh chemicals and with added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails.



Full Colour Natural Nails



Same colour Fill